#whatshouldwecallme nurses
When I’m at a staff meeting and my boss says our staffing is safe and appropriate

And she hasn’t spent a day on our floor in at least two years, I’m just like

When someone asks me if I’m working tomorrow

And I know the answers yes, I’m just like

Have a good weekend bitchesss

Wooo the weekend, I’m just like

Expect some more nursing fun around Sunday night.  If you’re working over the weekend, pass this blog along to your coworkers and enjoy a few laughs to help you get through your shifts! 

When my patient is mad because I kicked out her visitors at 2am

I’m just like

When its my weekend off

I’m just like

And later I’m like

And in the morning I’m like

When I was successful at my first IV placement

I was just like

When I see a doctor I just got in an argument with over the phone

I’m like

When I walk in and a patient is spread eagle on the bed

I’m just like

My patient when I make them drink Lactulose

They’re just like

When the oncoming nurse is giving me a hard time during report

And I haven’t sat down all night, I’m just like